Dakota Johnson’s Blonde Hair Makeover

Dakota Johnson just made her ombré lob even cooler by adding more blonde highlights to her look. With the weather getting colder the blonde hair color really brightened up her look, which otherwise included a black coat, pants and navy sweater.

Dakota’s carefree style makes her the perfect candidate for the ombré color, which requires very little maintenance and looks best when styled in the undone waves Dakota frequently wears since it shows of the blonde color.

The ombré style, whether done with traditional highlights or hand painted balayage, has been super popular for a few seasons now. Not only is it a pretty look that adds dimension to your style, but it’s also low maintenance since your roots aren’t being colored.

If you decide to go for the look, make sure to use a conditioning mask at least once a week to keep you hair moisturized. Since dyeing your hair lighter can dry it out, a mask like Dove Quench Absolute Restoration can prevent split ends and frizz that pop up when your strands are dry.

If you go blonde like Dakota, you can also keep the color fresh by regularly using a color correction spray to keep the color from going brassy. Schwarzkopf BlondMe Colour Correction Spray Conditioner can be used on wet or dry hair to make your blonde color really pop.